Request for Proposals

The Ventura County Law Library Board of Trustees is seeking an accounting firm to, on a contract basis, revise and update the Law Library’s financial procedures and processes. The Ventura County Law Library is a small government agency, created by statute and overseen by a board of 6 trustees. The Law Library is funded by court fees filed in Ventura County and receives annual revenue of approximately $550,000. The Law Library employs 6 people in one location.

By statute, Law Library funds are held by the County of Ventura, who provide basic accounts payable and receivable support in accordance with an MOU between the County and the Law Library.

Currently, the Law Library Director manages all aspects of the Law Library’s accounting using Excel. The Board and Director are seeking consulting to determine a more comprehensive technological solution for the Law Library’s financial management process; assistance in making sure the Law Library is following generally accepted accounting procedures; and advising related to properly showing the law library’s pension and other liabilities per the requirements of GASB statements 67 and 68.

Proposals will be accepted until December 1, 2016.


Please see the full RFP here:


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