Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the commonly asked questions we receive at the library:

Please note: Due to COVID-19, the policies below have changed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. See the “About the Library” page for more recent information.

Can the general public use the library?
Yes, the general public can use the library for legal research or to study. The general public cannot check out books but they can make copies, take notes, etc. Please see our borrowing rules for more information.

What are the Library’s hours?
The Library is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. The library is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Can the public use the computers?
Computer use is first come, first serve. You need to sign in by the front desk and receive a pin in order to log on. Eight computers are limited to 1 hour sessions, two to 30 minute sessions. However, during high traffic times when others are waiting for a computer, we may need to ask patrons to relinquish their computer when the session expires.

How much is printing/copying?
The charge for printing/copying is .15¢ per page, cash only. The library does not have the ability to accept debit, credit, or copy cards.

What forms of currency do you accept?
U.S. cash only, and no bills over $20.00.

Do you have wi-fi?
Yes. The password is available at the front desk.

What databases do you have?
The library subscribes to the following legal databases: CEB OnLaw, HeinOnline, Lexis Advanced, and Westlaw Next. Users have to be in the library to use them. You’ll find the shortcuts to these databases on the computer desktop once you log in. The EBSCO (Nolo) database is available to residents of Ventura County, and has all the Nolo Publications.

I need to fill out court forms; can you help me with them?
Library staff are not attorneys, and therefore cannot help you choose what forms you need or give advice on filling them out. But, if you already know the form numbers, we can print them for you, and we may have books that can help you fill them out. You can also use our computers to fill out forms on the State or Ventura County Court websites. If you need more help, try starting at the Self Help Centers in the Hall of Justice.

Do you have tax forms available?
During tax season, we have English and Spanish copies of the 540 and 540EZ California state tax form. (Please note: The IRS no longer distributes Federal tax forms in print.)

You can call the Ventura County Law Library (805) 642-8982 or come into the library with any other questions.