Meeting Room Booking

Meeting room

To reserve a room, contact the Law Library during open hours to verify the date requested is available. Then email this form to:


  1. To accommodate the needs of the court system the Library has one room available available by reservation for depositions, arbitrations, mediations and attorney client conferences for a fee as follows:
    • $15 per hour – $50.00 per half day (Up to 4 hours) – $100.00 for all day (More than 4 hours)
  2. Minimum rental time is one (1) hour. You must pay for the entire hour when you use any portion of an hour.
  3. The room may be reserved on a first come first serve basis. The room is available for reservation during the hours that the Library is open. Requests for date and time changes are subject to the library’s ability to accommodate the request.
  4. There is seating for up to 10 people and amenities such as water, granola bars, pens, and notepads are provided. We also provide the rooms with a separate password-protected wireless connection for faster internet speeds.
  5. All users are required to abide by the Rules of the Law Library. No food or drink other than water are permitted in the Law Library.
  6. Cell phone use is permitted in these rooms during meetings. All other cell phone usage must be conducted outside the library. We also provide a land-line if needed for conference calls and/or phone depositions.
  7. Payment may be made by cash or check which should be mailed with the reservation form. Make checks payable to the Ventura County Law Library.
  8. Returned checks are subject to a processing fee of $25.00.
  9. Cancellation notice must be received 72 hours (3 days) prior to the event in order to receive a refund of all monies less a $15.00 processing fee. To receive a refund, you must submit a written request. You will receive a check for the refundable portion of the rental fee approximately three weeks after the rental date.
  10. The Law Library staff cannot provide support services such as clerical, message centers or room set-up.
  11. If the room is available, walk-ins may use the meeting room and pay at that time.
  12. Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Ventura County Law Library, its Board of Trustees, and the County of Ventura, their officers, employees and agents for any and all liability caused by negligent or wrongful act of the Renter or its attendees arising out of the performance of this agreement, and pay all claims, damages, judgments, legal costs, adjuster fees and attorney fees related there.

Disclosure: The room contains old books that might affect people with mold allergies. Public restrooms are available in the courthouse near the library’s front entrance.