Pleading Paper

We’ve had a few requests here recently for pleading paper. You may have seen pleading paper used before–it has a line of numbers down the left hand side, 1 through 28, and is used for legal filings.


By far the easiest way to use pleading paper is to get it in a Microsoft Word Document format so that you can fill in your own details on a computer. The Ventura Superior Court makes a PDF version of pleading paper available on their website but it is not possible to fill it in on a computer.

We have made a Microsoft Word Document template of pleading paper available to download on our website.

The Courts’ PDF pleading paper, which cannot be filled in using a computer:

Please be aware that different types of filings have different requirements for format, content, and length. Some resources for example filings can be found at the library in California Forms of Pleading and Practice, and in other books. The court self help center can also occasionally advise on filings.